FLIR Scout TK Review - Outeroptics

FLIR Scout TK Review

The FLIR Scout TK features thermal recognition as a built-in quality. This handy piece of equipment allows you to see the great outdoors from a completely new angle. Just imagine putting this apparatus up to your eye and being able to scan the dense bushes and woods in front of you to see what’s hiding inside. Additionally, at night you will have confirmation of movement and life anywhere you use it up to a range of 100 – 150 feet.

FLIR Scout TK – Uses

The FLIR Scout TK is an outdoor tool for campers, hikers and hunters. It’s designed for people who need to be able to see what’s inside dense foliage. A quick cycle through the click settings and you can observe the silhouette of any animal in stark contrast to its surroundings. The FLIR Scout TK would also be a perfect addition to any home security kit. It is also suitable for anyone who practices hyper-vigilance in car parks. The FLIR Scout TK is a very convenient item to keep in the glove box of a car.

Even keeping a FLIR Scout TK on hand in a suburban home is a good idea. You’ll know when it’s better to keep pets inside if you scope out a coyote. You can also use it to search for pets in the dark. Having a thermal recognition imager on hand is made easier with this technology. Check out this FLIR model in action:

Unlike our best night vision goggles list, the FLIR Scout is a thermal monocular and can’t be attached to any weaponry. You hold it up to one eye in a similar fashion to using a telescope. To store, it fits in a pocket ready for instant accessibility and use. But don’t let the compact, lightweight casing fool you into thinking this is an everyday product; the FLIR Scout is definitely not for someone who doesn’t get outside much or who wants to buy something cheap.

FLIR Scout TK - Features
  • 3-5 seconds to start up
  • IP67 waterproof rating – totally submersible
  • 20 x 16° field of view
  • Image detection from 100 yards / 92m away
  • Over 5 hours of battery life


If you are already familiar with previous Scout models, you won’t have a problem learning how to use the TK. The user control settings on FLIR Scout models are fairly simple and straightforward. As simple and straightforward as a piece of high-tech equipment can be. It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t like being confused by a bunch of technological bells and whistles. It is this basic construction and ease of use that makes this model a popular choice for individuals who dislike reading complicated owner manuals.

This FLIR model is well-packaged and well-made. It also has the handy feature of the device being able to adjust and recalibrate itself based on outside temperature.

Optical Quality

Photography and video producers use thermal imagery equipment to track down evasive animals. Even after a fresh snowfall in winter, the animal tracks are still visible when using a Scout TK. This handheld monocular device is able to do this because the imaging is sensitive to the heat left from feet imprints, and the animal’s body.

If you want a thermal imaging monocular that offers magnification, the Scout TK doesn’t have this feature. There are other FLIR models in the Scout range that do offer magnification, with the average monocular magnification capacity being around 5 x – 8x.

The bigger the monocular lens size, the wider the FOV you will have. It is also a good indication of how bright the imaging will be that the device offers. In this regard, the Scout TK exceeds expectations.

Features and Function

The Scout TK leads the field in its price range as far as color palette options go. You will be able to scroll through the color choices easily. With each setting comes the ability to illuminate the details according to the light/dark contrast. The only drawback to having this much choice is the possibility that whatever you want to view has moved out of range by the time you’ve made your selection.

Further, the design interface gives you 4 buttons and a diopter lever to control the brightness and sharpness of the image.

Color palettes


In keeping with the pocket-size dimensions and lightweight carry-everywhere design of the Scout TK, the device offers some reassuring durability when you purchase it. Even though no one sets out to throw high-tech gadgetry around, there is always the chance of an accidental drop onto a hard surface.

The Scout TK can survive a drop from the height of 6.6ft and will shrug off a submersion in water with ease. If you’re planning a trip in damp or rainy conditions then you won’t have to worry about your thermal imaging monocular lens getting fogged over. The electronics are completely protected from water damage as well.

Storage Capacity on the FLIR Scout TK

For any outdoors enthusiast, it’s often all about the images they are able to share with other hikers and campers. The thermal images the Scout TK produces is well worth a social media posting. It will provide excellent results for someone who simply wants to document the nocturnal activities, location, and proximity of animals as well. With this device, you will have a storage capacity of 1,000 photos and four hours of recorded video footage.

If you like to post the images immediately, you can just upload as much footage as you like through the USB port. The video and photographic image quality the Scout TK offers is phenomenal. Because thermal imaging doesn’t yet record sound, remember to keep social media posts of the footage short out of necessity; watching a video without sound can get a little boring if it goes on for too long.


FLIR Scout TK – Conclusion

Thermal imaging is a niche product and not priced to be an accessible device for anyone who isn’t outdoors-oriented. The FLIR Scout TK is not cheap, but if you are looking for a high-tech, user-friendly device for continual use and great quality, any model in the FLIR Scout range would be a good choice.

When compared to some of the other thermal imaging products on the market with similar features, the Scout TK is considered to be a very reasonable entry-level priced item. Once you get the hang of scrolling through the settings, this accessible pocket-sized thermal vision monocular device will have you looking forward to exploring outside at night or in lowlight conditions.

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