Leupold rifle review

Leupold VX-2 Rifle Scope Review

Though it’s growing market is full of challenges, Leupold has been the standing champion of finely made rifle scopes for decades.  They define what a quality optic should be and stand as a status symbol for the true, dedicated shooter. From hunters to competition shooters, those serious about their craft are often found with a Leupold scope on their rifle.

All of Leupold’s scopes are still made in their Beaverton, Oregon facility by craftsmen who are true experts and pioneers of optics manufacturing.  If there is a company that makes a better overall product, you can expect them to be much higher priced and not a mass production company.

The VX-2 that we are looking at here is one of the simpler gold-ring Leupold scopes that perfectly illustrates the quality you can expect from a Leupold.  This is a rifle scope for those who don’t want the frills, just sheer accuracy, durability, and quality. There are many scopes with more features but few that come close to the craftsmanship of this scope.


The Leupold VX-2 is machined from a single piece of the highest quality aluminum for enhanced durability and to keep everything properly aligned inside the scope.  Like most US made scopes, it is a 1-inch tube and comes in at just over 12.5 inches. Despite being longer than many scopes of this power, it weighs in at only 11 ounces.  This makes a good choice for hunting rifles and an excellent choice for rimfire calibers.

Lens Quality

You could not possibly overstate the quality of the glass in Leupold scope.  Not only do they start with the absolute finest possible lenses they can get but they add one of the industries leading multi-coat technology to all of the glass surfaces.

Rather than stop there, all of their lenses are index matched so they work in perfect tandem. Leupold is the only company to take this step to ensure the best overall scope image.  No single step done by any company does as much to ensure repeatable accuracy than taking the time to make sure the lenses are perfectly aligned and work together.

They also add a small black ring around the lenses.  While most people don’t understand the purpose, the black ring prevents light from diffusing around the edges of the lens.  This not only brightens the image but better preserves the color and ensures the best possible contrast. Looking through a Leupold is as good or better than looking through your naked eye.

Durability and Weather Resistance

It could probably be said that no single factor means more to Leupold as a company than durability.  Every scope they produce is constructed in a way to make it as strong as possible. This starts with their own DiamondCoat hard anodized finish but continues throughout the scope.  From the 1-piece tube to the anti-scratch lenses, the VX-2 is a rifle scope that will last a lifetime.

To ensure this, the scope is sealed and purged so no air, dirt, or moisture could possibly penetrate the scope body and interfere with perfect function.  The lenses will never fog up or have any condensation issues. While Leupold is known for titsamazing customer care, the best thing they can do is make a scope that will never need repairs.

Features and Function

There are some shooters that are interested in complicated optics with turret adjustments and full BDC reticles but those aren’t the best for every use and situation.  A simple scope is often faster and easier to use and can provide all of the accuracy you need if you are not going for extreme long-range shots. Hunters specifically will benefit from what the VX-2 has to offer.

Leupold view

Though there are several reticles available on the VX-2, the most common is a simple duplex reticle that is etched into the lens and centered with a high-viz red dot.  The scope has no illumination and needs none. For most every shooting situation, the high-contrast glass will provide all the low-light visibility you will need.

Though the VX-2 does not have turret adjustments, once the caps are removed you can zero your rifle with your fingers.  No more adjusting with a coin or screwdriver. This makes it easier to make ca correction in the field as needed rather than needing to have a toolbox handy to get your rifle hitting the mark.

Leupold Dials

All of the adjustments are 1/4 MOA which is fine-tuned enough for most any reasonable range shots.  You can even send in your custom ballistic data to Leupold and they will send you custom adjustment knobs for your rifle.  Simply dial in the range and you will be on target every time. You get about 52 MOA total of adjustment in both range and elevation.

Rather than adding a side parallax focus as is common on more complex scopes, focus is handled by the eye-piece.  With a more modest 3-9x, this works just fine. One of the more astounding features of this scope is the over 4 inches of eye-relief.  This means that your head stays out of the way on even the hardest recoiling rifles. As you zoom in, this will decrease but never to less than 3.5 inches which is still sufficient for most rifles.


Though there are dozens of brands of high-end, high-quality scopes on the market, it will be decades before any reach the reputation and respect that is paid to Leupold.  Owning any of their scopes shows a level of prestige almost foreign to other brands. If you want one of your own, the VX-2 is one of their most affordable and most popular scopes.  They can be quite hard to find so snatch one up quickly if you happen to get the chance.


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