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ZeroHour Relic XR2 Review

Hot on the heels of the ZeroHour XR and XD selling out across the globe, the ZeroHour team has started up a new crowdfunding account to bring another project to light, the ZeroHour Relic XR2. Many ZeroHour fans stated when the XD tactical flashlight model came out that it was the only one they would ever need. Then the fans said the XR had such excellent features – and compact carriable size – they were happy to add it to their tactical flashlight family.

So, what makes the ZeroHour Relic XR2 different from the brand’s previous models? And is it enough to inspire buyers to add another ZeroHour to their collection? As you will see, the RELIC XR2 has a sufficient number of standout specifications to make this article a very good buy indeed.

ZeroHour Relic XR2

ZeroHour Relic XR2 - Features
  • 2,000 lumens LED
  • Beam projection 600m/650 yards
  • Rechargeable USB-C power bank
  • Both bike and weapon mountable
  • IPX8 rating (fully submersible and waterproof)
  • Variable control ring 3,100-mAh battery


ZeroHour Relic XR2

This is a super-bright tactical flashlight, comfortable in the hand, and compact. It’s not too heavy to carry around as it has been developed to fit on a weapon and a bike as well. It’s not just the convenience of having such a useful tool to carry in a bag or on your belt; the charging capabilities the ZeroHour RELIC provides will have it replacing every other power bank you need to carry, and this saves on weight and space.

The packaging includes a drawstring pouch, charger, and extra accessories. The Type C power bank charges both iPhone and Android, making this a flashlight with multiple uses besides simple illumination. Speaking of lighting, the XR2 packs a powerful 2,000 lumens – making it a ferocious tactical flashlight – capable of blinding anyone at any meaningful proximity at night.


The IPX8 rating is one of the optimum valuations a tactical flashlight can receive when being tested for waterproofing and submersion capabilities. See our previous review to find out more about how this testing is done.

The XR2 is a good looking piece of equipment, constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum and capable of an amazing 2,000 lumens output due to the Cree-XHP35-Hi-Intesity LED. This particular ZeroHour model has effectively doubled the luminosity power of the XR and the XD. This progression is in keeping with the continuation of ZeroHour’s dedication and commitment to only using the finest design materials available in its class. The design also allows easy access to the variable control ring which features maximum flexibility when you need to choose a level of brightness (0 all way up to 2,000). Additionally, there is the option to click to access the XR2 model’s preset modes:

  • 10 lumens
  • 2,000 lumens
  • Blink
  • Strobe

ZeroHour Relic XR2

Type-C USB Rechargeable and Portable Charger

If you need an extra backup power boost, the 3,100-mAh Samsung high-drain IMR batteries each XR2 flashlight model features can provide another full charge for any device. Unscrew the center ring to access the port to charge up your devices with the USB or recharge the flashlight itself. If you haven’t switched up to USB-C capabilities yet, ZeroHour has included a USB-A cable in the package, and you can use this for backward compatibilities.


1 x 18650 high-drain battery 20A-IMR will provide 3,100-mAh of power – enough for one to two full charges for most of your smart devices. The battery cells are manufactured from one of the most trusted names in electronic power, Samsung. The XR2 can fully charge or recharge most devices with a USB port, but the Samsung-S8’s 3,500-mAh won’t be charged fully.

You can recharge the XR2 using the USB-C port and the USB-C/USB-A cables that come supplied in the package. Any standard wall socket that you use to charge your devices will recharge the ZeroHour RELIC XR2 as well. The model with going into “Breathe” mode and glows intermittently if the power cuts out when it is charging, making it easier to locate.

  • Battery charge will last for 100hours running at 25 lumens (low)
  • For 1.2 hours when running at full capacity 2,000 lumens (high)
  • Variable brightness strength means variable running time
  • Overheat protection circuit steps it down to 1,000 lumens

Pros & Cons

The XR2 design makes it very versatile. It was no small thing to integrate the high power LED with a high standard battery that also routes to a portable charger. The XR2 design is patented, and no other tactical flashlight on the market can be compared to it. The incorporation of a tail cap switch that has a “momentary-on” click setting, plus the rolling ring and removable clip ensure optimum high functionality.

What We Like:
  • Triple output setting levels
  • USB-C/Standby
  • Variable brightness levels
  • Blink beacon
  • Self-defense strobe
  • Deep body grooves for enhanced grip
  • Type 3 hard-anodized
  • Product registration and warranty serial number
  • RoHS-CE certifiable
  • LED battery indicator
  • Sizeable tail cap holes to support paracord
  • Removable stainless steel head and bezel
What We Don't Like:
  • One report mentions difficulty getting hold of customer service


Should You Buy the ZeroHour Relic XR2?

The functionality and design of this ZeroHour model make it a definite good buy for anyone in the market for the definitive flashlight. It is a worthy addition to the ZeroHour family and they deserve all the high praise and positive reviews their flashlight launch garners. Even if you own the previous two flashlight offerings, the XR and XD, you will still find room in your tool kit for this high-powered and versatile product.

ZeroHour Relic XR2 – Conclusion

The long high-power lumens runtime and complete tactical and technological features make the ZeroHour the ideal flashlight for the discerning user. Powerful and palm-sized, the ZeroHour RELIC XR2 design matches its extreme functionality, hardy looks, and personality. The precision-machined aluminum and hard-anodized coating makes the XR2 impact-resistant, waterproof, and durable. This is one flashlight that is equally comfortable on a belt holster or in the hand.

If you need a flashlight when you are biking, jogging, hiking, signaling, or patrolling, this is the flashlight for you.

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